Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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we clear the "debt"!

Open Letter

For the sake of more poor, the weak and the less poor, less weak and all the next generation, which will be part of the children and grandchildren the vast majority of the population and not Italian, (with the exception of very few "families" ...),

should strive to try to solve a big problem, the evil of evils, that is dragging us all almost in poverty.

This issue that I would call "the evil and ever ", in my opinion is nothing but the" Public Debt ".

In the years and decades ahead, it will multiply, making it necessary to continuously increase and proportion of taxation on taxpayers, reducing them poorer.

I wonder if it might be possible, for example, that to remedy this situation, representatives of the Italian people, from national sovereignty, may issue a decree to restart the old coinage of the Mint and to print on behalf of the ITALIAN STATE many fine bucks from 500 thousand pounds, as many as needed for the equivalent in euro of the Italian public debt (Or if you wish, with the issuance of the new European currency), and then send them to the European Central Bank, owner of our public debt, the balance and resetting the same?

After all, the central banks (private), on their own, they have made print for just pennies, pieces of paper (notes) and we have them trimmed indebtedness of their nominal value, render him liable of the total and the annual interest leavers.

many cards (bills) would print The Treasury on behalf of the Italian State, to set Codest debt and annual interest payments at all clear that the State pay to the Central Bank (private).

may seem a silly example, naive, ignorant. One might respond that it is not feasible thing, which clashes with existing legislation, international agreements, which would lead to a clash with the European Community and that we could leave the euro zone, or you could take the reports of assets and liabilities the state budget with the detail of Bot, BTP, CCT and so on, forming part of the Public Debt, which are in possession of private citizens engaging in other words, the whole question. By

four fast stones with bare hands, is apparent that the largest slice of the debt was contracted with the central banks to issue notes for circulation in the territory for trade.

paid the bill with the Central Bank, trade with other could continue to print bank notes made by the State or with the electronic money in the future is surely intended to replace the paper.

We would get out of Europe? Well, go ahead alone, but not for long, because soon other countries are queuing to us and slowly re-formed a new Europe without being choked by the Public Debt to central banks (private).

I have no illusions that some representatives of the nation implement this example, at least I hope that my open letter to serve as a starting point to properly publicize the problem, because I believe that most people ignore it altogether, hoping that in the future with a wider audience aware of seeking to resolve this issue, Our representatives, will decide to work hard to find an appropriate solution.


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