Sunday, August 10, 2008

Can Periods Be Late If You Have A Stomach Virus

"Noah's Spaceship" to put "someone" rescued on Mars?

I continue to wonder why governments continue to spend so many billions to make shipments in space, building robots that are sent on distant planets to see if the same exists or has existed some form of life;

I wonder why the billions spent on the other hand are not boost agricultural production - food - health, to feed and treat the people of the so-called third world

I also wonder why "someone" have thought about building a superbanca seeds, to contain the seeds of three million varieties of plants from all over the world. A sort of "ark of the Apocalypse", where store for the future, agricultural biodiversity, funded by major multinational giants-: ;

Finally, I wonder if that is not "someone" fearing an unhappy future for our beloved Earth, has taken the example of Noah, to program future shipments on habitable planets, bringing with him on the "Ships of Noah," also all varieties of seeds and plants that have been careful to preserve.

If so, there would be little to be cheerful. This would mean that there would be some time before the 'Apocalypse' and on that 'ship of Noah ", to leave time to rescue the Earth and on Mars, there would be room only for those "someone" .


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