Saturday, January 17, 2009

Berger Paints Colour Card

Marathon Boy - Alberto Language

publishing the full text of the illustration: "The story of Budhia Singh has been around the world. An Indian child of just four years - sold by her mother for a few dollars, because extreme poverty - with a unique talent: to run for 7 hours straight, covering almost 50 km per day. They called him Boy Marathon: The child marathon runner. In 2005, Budhia entered the Limca Book of Records after 65 km route, without stopping, in about seven hours.
In 2006, human rights organizations worldwide to bring cases to the National Human Rights Commissions and get permission to put Budhia to extensive clinical trials, which show symptoms of malnutrition, anemia and cardiac abnormality. Controversial reactions in the mass media: a true child prodigy or a victim of exploitation by the trainer Biranchi Das? Budhia has been permanently barred from the Local Committee for Child Health on the eve of a grueling marathon of 500 km from Bhubaneshwar to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). "
Any comment is superfluous.


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