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Devadasi - Alessandro Micelli

According to a study conducted by the Indian Rationalist, 30% of girls in prostitution in Bombay he does to fulfill a religious duty. They come from all caste of untouchables and over 70% of Small begins the profession before reaching 14 years of age. Devadasi are consecrated to the goddess Yellamma. The term devadasi can be divided into two. The root dedicated means god, while the second part dasi indicates the slave girl. The Devadasi are, therefore, the slave or Yellamma Yellardamma: A Call to indicate the "Mother of All", probably an ancient goddess of fertility.
The tradition of Devadasi still survives in some coastal areas of the states of Maharastra, Goa and the southern part of Karnataka. In October 1996, the government of Karnataka in southern India, has approved a law that prohibits this practice by punishing the practice with penalties of up to three years in prison. As with many other laws of the populous Asian country, everything has remained as always, for he who benefits from this exploitation was the opposite in every way to measure. Finally, there is a deeper reason: The Untouchables nobody cares. A family learns that his daughter has been chosen by Yellamma for the production of certain signs "misterios". The most common is the appearance of a knot in the hair of the girl, called jat. Relatives refuse to consider the event as the natural result of dirt and the girl's mother, beyond all reason, decides to believe in the mystery and so greasy with the Jat of animal fat, letting his hair grow to become very long. Since then it is easy to recognize Devadasi. Particularly in the countryside you see girls with large spirals of hair down to her knees. By tradition, is one of them, which is promised eternal salvation, to choose the novices. Larger parts of the city to rural areas, accompanied by the owners of brothels where they work and seek the most beautiful girls of the poor. Choosing the prey meet with parents of young girls. The veteran, then, pretend to go into a trance and lend the series of initiation Devadasi future.
In some cases, taking advantage of the misery and ignorance of the families, some men of higher caste require the greatest for them to choose the prettiest small, which by then will be their personal slaves. The girls, usually no more than seven years, will be subject to any kind of abuse, while the parent will never know anything of their daughters. The untouchability of a higher caste allows the exploitation of the lower, as has been done for centuries. Extreme poverty leads, then, parents sell their daughters, just to get rid of a mouth that would otherwise be difficult feed. Some mothers come to create an artificial Jat, rubbing a tuft of hair with water, turmeric and oil. If your daughter is adopted, mothers and fathers know that their standard of living will improve, because even poor parts of the earnings of the child will be paid to them. They will only give their name to future grandchildren. The law prevents the consecration to the goddess Yellamma, but this has not prevented the spread of the phenomenon. The ritual takes place in small shrines of some villages in private homes or places of pilgrimage of the prostitutes. After the ceremony the girls are transferred to the city, where sex tourism carries a large number of customers, often Western. In a desperate life, the Young devadasi can happen only one chance: please a rich owner who will maintain it. If it does not work in the fields during the day while at night he plans to address the prostitution. The girls are no longer return to their villages and once captured by the racket they remain slaves for life. Welcome in India!


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