Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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: "I have cloned human embryos"

U.S. Doctor: "I have cloned human embryos"

This is the news which to be honest, no wonder, I read "Time. it "of 22/04/2009:

Here we go again, the novel "Insidiòsus Decurrere" (Evolution dangerous), yet is close and closer to reality, that reality is still closer and closer to the novel "Insidiòsus Decurrere.

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In that article, among other things, we read that:

"" "Dr. Panayiotis Zavos, American doctor claims to have cloned human beings 14 and 11 have transferred into the womb of four women willing to give birth to cloned babies.

... Zavos has also revealed it has created a human embryo cloned by three people died, including a girl of 10 years - Cady - died in a car accident (a test conducted at the request of relatives twisted in pain and wanted to create clones of their loved ones). In this case, Zavos has fused cells taken from cadavers with no ova in human beings, but using eggs taken from cows that had been extracted the genetic material, a procedure that allowed him to create a hybrid animal-human, that has allowed us to study the process of human cloning.

... Zavos has ensured that it was not his intention to transfer any of these female embryos in the womb, as Cady's mother had told him that it was available if there was even one hope to revive the child. "I never move these embryos. We have not done these embryos to transfer: This hybrid model is the process that saved us, a model created because we could learn. Before we realize the model and then you get the goal. We did not want to do experiments with human embryos and this is why we have developed a hybrid model. "

In each case, cells of the 'embryo' Cady might one day be extracted from the hybrid model frozen and melted with an egg emptied of human genetic material, and this double process of cloning a human embryo that could produce the second Zavos, could be transferred into a womb to create the clone of the small Cady "" ".

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In the novel "Insidiòsus Decurrere," the first chapter entitled: "Insiticius Homo" (human hybrid), it is said, inter alia, that Prof. Gabriel Gomes, (brand name, with each combination purely coincidental), who carried out experiments on cloning human embryos, which led to the formation of a humanoid by He called: "Ibrid'homo" implanted in the uterus of a monkey and created by mixing the genes of embryonic DNA human with those of various types of animals, to make acquire all'umanoide other organs, forms, directions and different attitudes, so as to make it to the 'Ibrid'Homo " grow wings (with genes from DNA of chickens) , branches (with genes from DNA of fish), radar sense (with genes from DNA of bats), gentleness and fidelity (with genes from DNA of sheep).

The novel follows his lapels unpredictable and imaginative (?)

in reality what will follow?


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