Monday, April 26, 2010

How To Rebuild A Retaining Wall

No More Children in Palazzo Valentini - Samuel

pencils against child abuse

13 to 25 May 2010
Egon Von Furstenberg room
Via IV Novembre, 119 / a - ROMA
HOURS: Monday - Friday 10:00 to 19:00
Saturday 10:00 to 13:00 Sunday closed
AT 18.00
under the patronage of the Province of Rome

From 13 to 25 May at Palazzo Valentini in Rome, you can visit the exhibition Children No More - pencils against child abuse , Dezi and curated by Alessandro Fiorenza Karibu Filippi on behalf of the humanitarian non-profit organization with the intention to denounce all forms of violence exerted on children through the exhibition of 139 plates of illustrations and comics. Convinced that the balloon represents one of the languages \u200b\u200bof communication closer to the world of children, the Association and the curators have chosen this method of representation of the phenomenon to increase in the youth population, to awareness of rights and abuses, by-passing the intermediary of the adult world, authors of the violations. The participating artists (major national and international names from the world of comics) are proposed, through their works, to raise public awareness on the serious problem exists: the denial and violation of children's rights. The entire corpus of the exhibition is a social protest in the round. Each table describes a single, tragic moment of juvenile violence, and at the same time, built into a wider context and the overall degradation of civic consciousness, of human nature. During the tour you will see tables that describe the terrible reality of domestic violence on children, the cruelty of child abuse and subsequent, infamous child pornography business. There will be also illustrations that highlight the inhuman conditions of existence that push children - especially in developing nations - to accept the commodification of the body with the aberrant development of the practice of "sex tourism" and the work underpaid and exhausting. Finally, the exhibition invites reflection on the treacherous and conscious manipulation of the media on the malleable minds of young people more receptive, used child soldiers in the bloody armed conflicts on small mondoe half of them civilians. Of all the violence as possible, our Association has chosen to deal with, specifically, those concerning the world of children because they believe that their child of today is based balance of all the companies of tomorrow. The adult figure - even if parental - that carries out acts of violation, and undermines confidence in the future prospects of the child, condemned to a life of resignation, internal confusion and pain pr ofondo an adult who shall not balanced and certainly unhappy. The Association, along with all those who join the message Children No More , consider the heritage of humanity and calls for children in their care. The goal will not only be to the complaint but even a small contribution to the work of those who, for years, gets his hands dirty in the interests of the voiceless.


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