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chat with ... Silvia Finzi Vegetti

Silvia Finzi Vegetti (clinical psychologist and writer)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - h. 17.30

"New new grandparents to grandchildren"
Presents: Maria Assunta Zanetti (Professor of Psychology of Development and Education)
University, Aula Scarpa

New new grandparents to grandchildren . The generation that has sixty-eight, and it was thought that eternally young, is now addressing the role of grandmother / grandfather, and does so with enthusiasm, creativity and generosity that have marked his youth. But even the grandparents are no longer those young at a time because the grandchildren today, asking them new ways of living together. From these findings begins the book by Silvia Vegetti Finzi, who became grandparents to tell of a different culture, age and geographic area, how they deal with every day Their role, which they derive satisfaction and the difficulties encountered with their grandchildren and their families. So chapters which deals with more general topics ("Grandparents of yesterday and today," "The favorite grandchild," "If the grandmother is the mother of the mom or dad", etc.) followed by chapters in which the famous child psychologist draw a series of "profiles" of the grandparents of the millennium. The book is a window on the way it is experienced the "grandparents", for centuries considered marginal and instead become essential in today's society.

Silvia Finzi Vegetti , professor of psychology at the University dynamic of Pavia, he worked as psychotherapy for family problems and child. Collaborate with "Corriere della Sera" and the major women's magazines. Among his books with Mondadori, "History of Psychoanalysis" (1986), "Children of the Night" (1990), "The novel of the family" (1992) and "When the parents split up" (2005), along with Anna Maria Battistin "small steps" (1994), "Children have changed" (1996), "The age of uncertainty" (2000).


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