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How Long Do Newborns Need Gloves

Four chat with ... - Prospects for Ecumenism in a plural society

Paolo Colombo (European Director of the Ecumenical Center for Peace)
Lidia Maggi (Pastor of the Church of Valdese Lodi)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - h. 17:30

"ecumenical perspective in a plural society"
Presents: Monsignor Gianfranco Poma (biblical scholar)
University, Aula Volta

The need for ecumenical dialogue is becoming more urgent in our country. According to the 2007 Immigration Statistical Dossier Caritas, immigrants, Orthodox (918,000) exceeded in Italy, last year, the Catholics (685,000). For this reason, the Orthodox Patriarch of Romania has recently decided to establish the first Romanian diocese in Ladispoli Italian (Rome). The practical needs of daily life, such as interfaith marriages that start with sensitive issues that need answers are not easy, they represent a stimulus to dialogue between the Churches.

"The comparison today is more urgent than ever, especially because the churches together to address the issues of our time. In Sibiu, after the morning prayer in the tent placed at the center of the city, were held interfaith conferences and workshops on social issues, political, environmental, that have paid off handsomely, "says Paolo Colombo, director of the Ecumenical Center for European Peace. Ecumenism is a movement, born within the Protestant dagliinizi beginning of the twentieth century, aimed at bringing all Christians of different Churches and which, with the momentum in the early sixties by John XXIII, the Catholic Church actively involved.


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