Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Masturnating Befire Your Period

Meet the Author: Vincenzo Andraous

Victims and perpetrators in the last book of Vincent Andraous

After the conclusion of the review Four main chat with ... , now end in May, the Library Bonetta of Pavia in early summer 2010 offers another interesting event directed to citizens and in particular to the general public willing to face a difficult and hot as the unwary.

part of the exhibition "Meeting with the author," next Tuesday, June 29 at 21 at the auditorium of Santa Maria Gualtieri in Victory Square, will host a debate entitled "In the society I win and you lose, "which takes its cue from the latest book by Vincent Andraous presentation entitled" Victims and perpetrators, all around are the indifferent, "published by the Editions of the House Young, of Pavia.

Along the author attended by the Mayor of Pavia Alessandro Cattaneo, the director of the diocesan weekly "Ticino" Don Franco Tassone Maria Teresa Zampogna criminal lawyer and the evening will be coordinated by the Library Constantine Leanti Bonetta.

Andraous Vincenzo, born in Catania in 1954, lives under the restriction of thirty-five years of probation and enjoying plays an important social and witness as a tutor of the House of Young, the writer pays attention to the major problems of contemporary social life and journalist in the pages of the newspaper Avvenire and some journals online: in his last work experience leads us to his authoritative analysis of issues of current interest such as youth bullying, the danger of drug addiction and the experience of prison.

Constantine Leanti


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