Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Mariapia Fanfani Four chat with the river

Mariapia Fanfani's website (click here )

The cultural exhibition Four chat with ... River, organized by the Library Bonetta of Pavia in collaboration with the Rowers Club Pavesi, continues in its calendar of interesting events planned for the 2010 season, fifth edition the event.

Next Thursday September 23 at 21 at the houseboat in the Rowers Club Borgo Basso, will welcome guest Mariapia Fanfani was born in Pavia, right in Borgo Ticino, widow of the famous political leader Amintore Fanfani, for the presentation of his autobiography "Lady do not stop ", published by Mondadori.

The evening will be an opportunity not only to trace the origins of the illustrious guest of Pavia, to learn about the important and long-term humanitarian activities Mariapia Fanfani, who has long been concerned with social problems by engaging in first person by the last service a constant international presence to promote the ideal of peace. Among the associations she founded to realize this type of activity include Help First, we for them, Together for Peace, Together for Peace, all dedicated to the collection and distribution of food and medicine to help people in various continents of the areas affected by situations war and poverty.

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