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How Do Guys Pleasure Themselves

Four chat with ... Raffaele La Capria

Raffaele La Capria writer and essayist
Thursday, October 28, 2010 17:30 - Aula Magna University
"St. Elsewhere"
Since the time of the memory of suffering
Presents: Gian Franco Lavezzi - professor of Italian literature
Introduced by: Marco Galandra - Councillor for the Municipality of Pavia Municipal Libraries

St. Elsewhere A book of feelings and thoughts that accompany the life that passes quickly and shortens the time that my distance from the predictable end. Urgent applications that can not be answered, you are turned away, in a "distraction vigilant, even when you read the newspapers. No, it is no longer an age of peaceful wisdom of our age, but the way the world works, the affections, the general statement, is an age of anxiety, fear and alarm. However, this is the book of convalescence, the "beautiful day escaped to the bad weather", a return to life after a bypass: a writing is also "open heart".

Raffaele La Capria (Naples, 1922) with "mortally wounded" won the Strega Prize in 1961. He settled in Rome in 1950, after being in the immediate postwar period, one of the leaders of the journal "South". RAI Director, writer, is considered one of the most important Italian writers disenchanted and an interpreter of contemporary life, with particular reference to the events of his hometown. A significant selection of his work was included in the Meridian Works (Mondadori 2002). Among his most important texts in the field of fiction and nonfiction include "Cupid and Psyche," "One day with impatience," Napolitan graffiti "," The fly in the bottle, "" The style of the duck "," L 'lost harmony, "" Last journey in Lost, "" Love inquiry "," guappo and other animals. " E 'employee of the Corriere della Sera. "

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