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Birthday Invitation Rap

Four chat with ... Massimo Teodori

Massimo Teodori journalist, politician, writer and historian
Thursday, November 4, 2010 17:30 - classroom Scarpa University
"Pannunzio, politician and journalist"
Life of an intellectual of the twentieth century
Presents: Dino Messina journalist

Mario Pannunzio (1910-1968) One of the founders of the Liberal Party Italian (1944) and the Radical Party (1955), Mario Pannunzio, the greatest interpreter of intellectual liberalism, secular, democratic and reform of the twentieth century, has played since the forties of last century a courageous act of civil renewal in Italy in the early decades after the war, still backward, suspended between modernity and underdevelopment, economic ambition and pockets of clericalism. He exercised a wide influence in advance with the newspaper "liberal Risorgimento" (1944-1947) and then with the weekly "The World" (1949-1966), considered - for unanimous opinion - the best newspaper in Italy, workshop of the minds great deal to the late twentieth century.

Massimo Teodori, professor of American history and contemporary art, works in newspapers, radio and national television. One of the founders of the Radical Party in 1956, was Member for the Radical Party from 1979 to 1992 is distinguished by the battles over civil rights and against corruption. Author of over thirty books including the subject of American Studies "Damn Americans" (2002), "Blessed America" \u200b\u200b(2003), "Telling America, two centuries of Pride and Prejudice" (2006), "History of the United States and the American political system" (2008), and anti-totalitarian subject: "Marco Pannella, a liberal heretic in the crisis of the Republic "(1996)," The anti-democratic Italy. Liberals and socialists who said no to Stalin and Togliatti "(1998)," Nicola Matteucci, a Liberal uncomfortable "(2007)," History of the laity and clergy in the Italian Communist "(2008), and" Against the clergy. From divorce to a living will, the great challenge of the laity "(2009). Pannunzio's biography, published on the centenary of his birth, is the latest chapter of a research on the history of secular democratic in Italy. He has won numerous awards and the Jewish community awarded him the first Italian, the "golden Menor" to have promoted the "Israel Day".


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