Friday, November 12, 2010

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Four chat with ... Don Gallo

Don Andrea Gallo founder of the Community of St. Benedict according to the Port
Thursday, November 18, 2010 17:30 - Loft 10 Square Cavagnero
"on earth as in heaven"
Its cathedral is the way, its teachers, prostitutes, bums, toxic Presents: Don Franco Tassone - pastor of St. Mauro

on earth as in heaven The Gospel according to John Gallo - Don Andrea Gallo, the priest from the sidewalk decades working with and for the last and resumed his personal stories collected in " angelically anarchist." Through the stories and meetings that punctuate her days take a position on liberalization of drugs, concerning the illegal immigrants, on the hypocrisy of politicians, the state of abandonment faced by the psychiatric cases on the issue of living wills after the meeting with Beppino Englaro, signing the deed to purchase land in Vicenza and prevent the expansion of U.S. base on the financing of the timing of viados Genoa big and small stories of prostitutes, transsexuals, victims of trafficking, drug addicts, and homeless crazy people passing in his shabby vicarage. Stories often a happy ending, often tragic, but rare human consistency.

Don Andrea Gallo, a priest since 1959, has for decades worked in Genoa and the latter, the dispossessed, the marginalized, exceeded the age of 80, after "Angelica anarchist" (2005), today presents "So in the earth, as in heaven, "the stories, encounters and reflections of a past life always on the side of the weakest. Since 1975 is organized and run by the Community of St. Benedict according to the Port, a group of border intervention and specialized care for people with mental and physical situations, promoter and co-founder, in 1982, with the Gruppo Abele Don Luigi Ciotti of CNCA - National Coordination host communities.


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