Friday, November 5, 2010

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Four chat with ... Ettore Mo

Ettore Mo special correspondent of the Corriere della Sera ", author
Thursday, 11 November 2010 17 hours , 30 - Loft 10 Square Cavagnero
"Far from here"
Stories of ordinary pain from the periphery of the world
Presents: Linda Lucini - journalist

Going away from here the places from which he took his first steps as a correspondent, the author guides the reader to the dark side of the earth. He is accompanied by an exciting excursion to show the darker dramas of humanity: the poor people of Monrovia to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve to the cemetery, drinking, eating and sleeping next to the graves of the dead, many Mexican immigrants that chasing the dream America will reach the legs are cut off from freight trains, and the inhabitants of La Oroya wrapped in an apocalyptic dust of lead, zinc, arsenic and sulfur emitted by the "Foundry of death" at the center of town, the massacre of civilians in the Tamil land, the shantytowns of Caracas and the terror of the Cuban Revolution of children fleeing from reality, impoverished and without an escape. Told in first person, halfway between memoir and reportage, "Far from here" is the painful and moving account of a lifetime devoted to the trip that ended with a great lesson: the blood shed on the battlefields of course it never gets better of history, until it changes the hearts of those who fight.

Ettore Mo for twenty years has been special correspondent of the Corriere della Sera ", and continues to travel the world in search of stories to tell. Rizzoli has published the "dirty war", "Gulag and other hells", "Kabul", "The Forgotten" (all available in Bur), "Trains," "Rivers" and "But even melancholy.


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