Friday, December 3, 2010

Why Is Lap Band Surgery Not Covered By Ohip?

Four chat with ... Luigi Pagano

Luigi Pagano administrator to penal institutions
Lombard talks to David Ferrario director
Thursday, December 16, 2010 17.30 - Santa Maria Gualtieri
"Freedom behind bars
Life, pain, hope
coordinates: Vincenzo Andraous - tutor of the Community House of the Young"

My Blood "Many years ago I met Andrei Vaijda, the great Polish director, in a conversation at the table and told me to tell a story must be at least one of these two basic elements: a love story, or at least relations, or search for something. Often the two things coincide. I believe that my blood is guided by this golden rule because it tells a story relationship between a father and a daughter who does not have hardly ever known - and a search, which is the search for oneself through a journey in which these two characters
have never faced before, begin to look at, to smell and gradually get to know ... "

The director of" all fall down "," Look, "" After Midnight "and" Blame Judas "presents" My Blood, "his new novel.

Louis Pagano , long director of Milan's San Vittore prison, now the new superintendent to penal institutions Lombardi said the problems and difficulties in getting an institution of repression with thousands of prisoners.

Davide Ferrario begins his work as a director in 1987 with the short film "Do not feed the animals" and in 1989 he directed his first "The end of the night." In 1991 he directed the documentary "Away from Rome" on the Northern League, broadcast by RAI, in 1995 and manufactures and together with Guido Chiesa's documentary "resistant material.


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