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Four chat with ... Isoke Aikpitanyi

Isoke Aikpitanyi founder the first halfway house run by former victims
Thursday, 13 January 2011 17.30 - Santa Maria Gualtieri
"Girls in Benin City"
Trafficking of new slaves from Nigeria to the sidewalks of Italy
Presents: Laura Maragnani - journalist

girls in Benin City, "The first time you go on the way to go to work in a panic. I remember the way. I remember the sidewalk. I remember my shame of being there with clothes absurd. And waiting.
remember waiting for someone to come and make me a sign from the window. I still remember the voice of the first who called me, and my voice that answered no, no, no. "

So begins the book "Girls in Benin City," (Melampus Edition) written by Laura and Maragnani Isoke Aikpitanyi, Nigerian girl trafficked.

Laura Maragnani Panorama journalist, always takes care of civil rights, social exclusion and minorities. It is also the author of numerous literary works.

Isoke Aikpitanyi born in Benin City, has arrived in Italy in two decades. She had been promised as the other work of a shop. Hath been found like the others to live in slavery. Now he lives in Aosta, where he is building the first shelter for street girls in Nigeria. Isoke Aikpitanyi founder of the first halfway house run by former victims


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