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Texas Law On Black Mold Disclosure

Chat with ... Mario Isnenghi

Isnenghi historian and essayist Mario
Thursday, March 17, 2011 12:00 pm - Bordoni
Institute Presents: Arianna Arisi Rota professor of the history of contemporary Italy
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Thursday, March 17, 2011 17:00 - Salon Teresiano University Library
Presents: Marina Treasury professor of contemporary history

"The places of memory of unified"
The hundred and fifty years of the Unification of Italy

The places of memory. The animating spirit of the book is the intent of civil react to the kind of destruction of the past that today seems so fashionable and in strongly supporting the identity of the Italian nation.
A great journey into the common heritage of memories accumulated by Italian Unit today. Like all the stories seen from the 'child', even this is poised on the edge of a self-deprecating affection, at times a bit 'desperate and even nostalgic. As if the 'humble Italy' who had lived with anecdotes, trivia tasty, collective enthusiasms and misunderstandings, misplaced enthusiasm, is now looked at from above (or below)
a country that has become plastic. A History of Italy , written by many voices, a hundred and fifty years by the Unit that reaffirms the identity of the nation through our collective memory.

Isnenghi Mario taught at the universities of Padua, Turin and Venice. He is president of the Institute for the History of Venetian society and Resistance simultaneous, co-director of "Belphegor" and director of "Venice." Among his works, reprinted many times: "The myth of the Great War by Marinetti Malaparte" (1970), "The wars of the Italians" (1989), "Italy in the Piazza" (1994), "The Great War 1914 - 1918 "(with G. Rochat, 2000)," Garibaldi was wounded "(2007). He directed the work in seven volumes UTET "Italians at war." "Conflict, identity, memories from the Renaissance to our days" (2008-2009).


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