Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Happens To Your Stomach If U Drink Mouthwash


What Is the book where the flowers speak ?

S ono the stories of thirty-eight people who meet the Flowers of Bach. From these meetings, sometimes funny, quirky and funny, others poignant and moving, there is a new way to learn, know and remember the Flowers of Bach.

Each story helps to understand, remember and save a flower.

Meet Princess confidential, travelers of all worlds, robots, brave women, superheroes, angels incarnate for error, committed and shamans, musicians and pianists, architects and drivers of school buses ... celestial surreal characters, yet so similar to us, that make it easy and fun to choose their own flowers Bach.

What are the myths?

The tales speak to our soul , just like the flowers, and using the language of the imagination can communicate directly with that part of us that comes into contact with the essence flowers.

All children know it, reading a story you'll learn many more things than studying a textbook and, above all, time spent in reading a story is always the time that is tinged with magic.

Why read the book where the flowers speak ?

Why Bach Flower show us the way towards our being and our happiness, and through reading of this book, choose those most likely to be easy and fun, like reading a fairy tale.

Why are written in a language simple and accessible to all, and are a creative way to approach and cheerful, even for the first time, Bach Flowers.

... And why bring us to a magical world where anything can happen, even the flowers that people learn to speak and follow the road true happiness.

Why sad and disturbing news we have so many that you just turn on the TV, but reading a story with a happy ending, sweet taste like hot chocolate, it is rare and its value is not quantifiable in money.

Who is the author?

Claudia Brunetti, degree in cultural anthropology, has always been a passionate reader and writer of fables.

shiatsu diploma, he studied Bach Flowers according to training and updating. He completed the second level of the International Training Program sponsored by the dr. Edward Bach Foundation, England.

likes to think of herself as the RaccontaFiori to serve all those who wish to be accompanied on the journey toward self-knowledge through the flower remedies.

How to buy the book?

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