Monday, January 17, 2011

Platemate Of The Apes

Four chat with ... Adil El Marouakhi

Adil El Centro Intercultural Marouakhi Mondinsieme, Municipality of Reggio Emilia
Thursday, 20 January 2011 10.15 - St. Thomas Hall L1
"Memory bilingual "My country, the world
Presents: Stefano Maggi teacher - Classical Archaeology

The past is a foreign land? The earth, the places, memory, history and the transit of migrants. By Mondinsieme1 of the team's Intercultural Center.
The proposed S-video comes from the village not to speak of "others" or foreigners, but rather by the need to make the young protagonists of the territory in which they live. In this sense, they are within the horizon of the evolutionary history and culture. The project was developed from a number of issues.

How do young people construct their sense of belonging? How the origins of Italian and foreign, can rewrite the sense of place through their share? In that way, however, these sources create s-country? How to eradicate social change processes allowing the development of a feeling of acceptance and belonging? How the stories of people from different cultures come into play in an area that has a story?

Adil El Marouakhi Director Centre for the Development of Intercultural Relations "Mondinsieme, Municipality of Reggio Emilia. The Centre has been operating since 2001 in local, regional and participates in national initiatives. The Centre's activities include: development intercultural relations: social and cultural activities and projects to facilitate the participation of foreign citizens in the community. Development of intercultural education: workshops and educational activities in schools and among young people to foster knowledge and awareness of multiculturalism. Development of intercultural communication projects and campaigns to raise significantly the public about the different cultures that make up the community.


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