Friday, January 28, 2011

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Four chat with ... Sandro Lagomarsini

Sandro Lagomarsini opened an after-school care for children of mountain farmers
Thursday, February 3, 2011 17.30 - Santa Maria Gualtieri
"Last Tour"
For a school that does not produce waste

Presents: Gipo Anfosso - teacher committed nell'associazionismo

Last Tour The book collects articles Lagomarsini Sandy wrote a weekly column for "Last Tour", published in the newspaper Avvenire . The collection, divided by thematic blocks, is presented by a preface by Mario Lodi.

"The last stand" is a symbol of the old school where sat the past, those who did not understand and were assigned to the selection. In this particularly difficult time, Don Lagomarsini explains his long work to help a school to remove the last bench and transform the students into citizens. The experience recounted in this book can be considered a refresher course for parents, teachers, managers ... or rather, a project of school reform.

Sandro Lagomarsini Cassego is the pastor of a small Ligurian Apennines hinterland village of La Spezia, where the 70's has opened an after-school care for children of farmers in mountain the same spirit and same order of Don Lorenzo Milani.


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