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When Should I Go To The Doctor For Coughing?

wild Memorial Day 2011

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Memorial Day
Words and music tell the Shoah

" wild dreams in the night "
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 9.00 am and 11.00 am - Borden Institute
" A mass grave in the air "
Thursday, January 27, 2011 9:00 am and 11:00 am - High School Auditorium Copernicus
"Melody of exile"
Thursday, 27 January 2011 21.00 - Santa Maria Gualtieri

The celebrations that involve the whole country every year in memory of the tragedy of the Holocaust also see our city at the forefront in offering the public opportunities for reflection dedicated to topic in question, part of the celebrations organized for the anniversary of Memorial Day. The cultural exhibition Four chat with ..., Bonetta prepared by the Library in collaboration with the University, colleges of the city and the Library CLU proposed for this appointment in January 2011 some very interesting and very thick Learning.
Thursday 27 January 2011 at 17.30 at St Mary Gualtieri "Lager ... and beyond." Clemente Ferrario, Giulio and Virginio Rognoni Guderzo remember two great anti-fascist Pavia: Ferruccio Belli, Enrico Magenes. Both were deported to Nazi concentration camps and Flossenburg Dchau, the former militant of the Communist Party bunting, the second diocesan director of Catholic and founder of the Christian Democratic Party bunting, the story of two major political leaders and a great friendship.

"wild dreams in the night" ( click here to see photos )
Echoing the tradition of Jewish writers and taking up the lesson Mendel Teichmann, the universe Hasidic singer, Fred Wander returns a unique and distinctive face to the many anonymous victims and remember the life of the individual first the camp, and more generally by drawing a vivid picture of that world of European Jewry will disappear in the most tragic of ways.
klezmer and traditional Jewish arranged by klezmorin

"A hole in the air"
On a double-edged thematic and chronological constantly broken, interrupted and resumed, is provided herein a series of texts and music in this recital, I tell stories without a name as in an overlapping similarities and dissonance, the tragedy of history and the failure of the word can not describe it.

Ruchat Anna, Bruno Cerutti and Arianna Marano, with a musical accompaniment of bass and clarinet, they build their theatrical performance based on a delicate expressive reading several books that are inserted in the pages of a diary written by the Jew Victor German Klemperer because could remain for posterity as a precious document, able to bridge the inevitable gaps in the common history books in an attempt to shed light on the great German tragedy, going through the experience of those who in one way or another, were found to live firsthand. In an overlapping of assonance and dissonance, are retraced through the texts, the various stages of anti-Semitic Nazi policies, from the first simple forms of discrimination to the deportation of Jews to concentration camps, until their death in gas chambers, against which kept them indifferent to the hope, that hope, motivated by the fear that has kept them from planning a revolt and led them to fight for every day di vita in più, perché forse, proprio quel giorno, sarebbero stati liberi. Lo spettacolo ha voluto lasciarci una semplice testimonianza : ora spetta a noi il compito di radicarla nella nostra coscienza perché sia per noi stessi spunto di riflessione e perché non si dimentichi mai ciò che è stato.
                                                                                                                    Martina Suardi VB

"Melody of exile"
Melodies of exile is the path of an extraordinary journey that brings us to the Sephardic-Jewish world, a world interwoven with events of European culture and its offshoots, leads us to the discovery of a labor which is crucial to establish a relationship of knowledge and respect for our future as a people of the Mediterranean. Expulsion from Spain, commissioned by Isabella the Catholic in 1942, the Thessaloniki invested in the Shoah. A path of music and words


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