Sunday, February 6, 2011

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Four chat with ... Paolo Di Stefano

Paolo Di Stefano journalist, writer
Thursday, February 10, 2011 17:30 - classroom Scarpa University
"Could you tell me thank you"
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Presents: Anna Modena - Professor of History publishing

You could also say thanks - The workshops at Mondadori and Rizzoli, Einaudi and Bompiani, Garzanti and the Feltrinelli, until Microcomputers for e / o and minimum fax. Forty years of editorial work, narrated by the voices of the protagonists. Publishing in the back are the major Italian and foreign writers, most often at the restaurant or trattoria in writing, with their weaknesses and passions, moods and bad moods. Read this oral memory of contemporary literature is like coming face to face with Oriana Fallaci in the kitchen preparing a fried fish, with Allen Ginsberg who jumps on a steaming plate of ravioli, with Sciascia putting hands in their pockets before anyone with Simenon objects that abhors green, with Ellroy that late at night in Milan, shouting: "I'm the mad dog of literature!" Kerouac drunk with the arms of mother-Nanda (Pivano) with Terzani that greets a friend for the last time. And then, Moravia, Morante, Bufalino, Gadda, Calvino, Soldati, Kundera, Rushdie, Harris, Grisham, Eco, Biagi, Manganelli, Bunker, Tamaro, Allende, Tabucchi, Vázquez Montalbán, Doris Lessing, Arbasino, logs, and many Ammaniti others. All writers who have never seen so closely.

Paolo Di Stefano (Avola, 1956) is sent by the "Corriere della Sera." Einaudi and worked for La Repubblica. He is the author's investigations "the family in the balance", 2001) and several novels, including as: "Kisses are not repeated" (1994), "Full of joy" (2003), "Help me" (2005, SuperMondello premium) and the last "In the heart that seeks you" (Rizzoli, 2008, Campiello Prize selection).


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