Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Dimethicone Bad For My Skin

chat with ... Marino Magliani

Marino Magliani writer and translator
talks to Vincenzo Pardini
writer Thursday, February 24, 2011 17.30 - Santa Maria Gualtieri
"Ghosts of the Apennines"
, emigrants, farmers, pastoralists, the poignant rural landscapes ; haunted

coordinates: Mino Milani - writer

not regret, no tears, no name is A novel in two voices. Two lands, Liguria and Tuscany,
sensitivity and linguistic repertoires contiguous with neighboring and distant. The emigrants, peasants, the shepherds, the poignant rural landscapes peopled with ghosts and timeless stories, the characters are stronger
that fill the pages of this book choir, dark, powerful, sometimes hallucinatory.

Marino Magliani (Dolcedo, Imperia, 1960), writer and translator, has lived for some time in Spain and Latin America before settling in Holland, where he currently lives and works. He published: "The summer after Marengo (Philobiblon 2003)," Four days not to die "(Sironi 2006)," The Collector of time " (Sironi 2007), "That night in Dolcedo (Longanesi 2008)," The lair of alberibelli (Longanesi 2009) and, with Vincenzo Pardini, "I do not regret, no tears, no call" (Transeuropa 2010) .

Vincenzo Pardini born in 1950 in Valle del Serchio (Lucca). He began writing as a child, getting passionate with Carlo Collodi and Renato Fucini. In 1975, twenty-five years, sends some of his stories with Enzo Siciliano for the magazine New Topics. The following year, two of these stories were published. During his career he to know some important Italian writers: John Raboni, Cesare Garboli, Natalia Ginzburg (who called him "Our Maupassant") and Alberto Moravia.

Watch an extract of the meeting with Magliani:


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