Friday, February 11, 2011

Christmas Quotes For A Master Of Ceremony

Four chat with ... Gianni Biondillo

Gianni Biondillo
architect talks to writer and music critic Michael Monina
Thursday, February 17, 2011 17,30 - 10 Square Loft Cavagnero
Two travelers on the edge of the city

coordinates: Marianna Bruschi - journalist

Tangenziali There are many ways to know a city, and many ways to tell: Gianni Biondillo and Michele Monina, the first born in Milan and the second adoption, both fans of psychogeography, decide to start planning a trip together. A pilgrimage around the city, walking in an area forgotten by frequent travelers. Following the margin of the tangential of Milan, used as a kind of thread d'Arianna, the two writers are trying to map the city from its fringed edges, finishing
to write a book where the journey is to tell only one, but travel books are two, as two are looks, feelings, voices.

Biondillo Gianni was born in Milan, where he lives, in 1966. Architect, has published essays on Figini and Pollini, Giovanni Michelucci, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Carlo Levi, Elio Vittorini. Part of the editorial staff of "Nation

Michele Monina was born in Ancona in 1969 and lives and works in Milan. Writer and music critic, has published, among others, at Rizzoli: "Last Stage" (2008), "Sagas mental" with Caparezza (2008),
" Vasco. The Biography "(2007); at Tropea," Constantine and the Empire ", by Giuseppe Genna (2005)," Vasco who? "(2004); at Mondadori:" God less America ", by Cristina DonĂ  ( 2003), and at Publisher Zorro, "I would like Vasco" and "It goes even faster" (2009). He writes for television and major magazines Italian music and travel.


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