Saturday, November 10, 2007

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6,000 deaths per year due to road accidents.

letter and mail to BG:

Sorry if off topic, but 6000 seems to me so many ... too many!

6,000 deaths per year due to road accidents.

Among the many petitions fully shared, you can put a bill to "calibrate" the maximum Km / h to 130 vehicles on public roads? ( the limit of 150 km / h while being required by law in certain highways, to date has not been adopted by any motorway operator), and to install in urban areas of "limited" speed that interact with the control units of vehicles, limiting their speed according to the needs of road safety?

Statistics in 2003 state that every day in Italy there are an average of 617 road accidents, which cause the death of 16 people and wounding 874.

Overall, in 2003 were detected more than 225 000 road accidents, i which death 6000 people, while others have 320 000 sustained injuries of varying severity.

The investigation revealed that the percentage of 95% ause of c, is due to the misbehavior of the driver driving of the vehicles involved.

Notwithstanding the fact that it is necessary to discourage young people to take drugs that alter the physical and psychological effects, particularly for those who must get to drive, we must not forget that there are other causes of deaths in traffic accidents, among which, high speed, which is in third place among the misconduct required to drive a vehicle.

considers that it is totally rejected, and therefore useless road signs indicating speed limits, we should not adopt another strategy to continue to have every year 6,000 deaths in road accidents.

that vehicles should be put into circulation on public roads, do not come to pass also 300 km / h, as is currently allowed , but were "calibrated" at least for the maximum legally allowed, and since 75% of accidents occur in urban roads where the number of deaths is over 40% of the total, the manufacture of vehicles, instead of building vehicles that go faster and faster, with modern technology could also find a system that interact face the units of vehicles, with "limited" to be installed in urban centers, which regulate the maximum speed that the safety of local roads, street to street and from time to time imposes. (Perhaps placing the limitation, instead of or alongside the cameras already installed at strategic points).

Meanwhile, for those who wish to experience the thrill speed, vehicle factories, sponsored by municipalities, may encourage the initiation of motor racing circuits, to make them run inside, in maximum security for all.

Unfortunately, this is perhaps another "utopia." This proposal meets with many interests, starting from the automobile factories that are competing by building vehicles faster, and finally to local authorities who, with cameras positioned at strategic points, they fatten their coffers.

Then only thing left is to hope that among those 6,000 dead year one day there are also the name of our loved ones .....


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