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Satanism and Freemasonry?

I found the recording of the television show "Enigma" of 27/02/2004

( ) transmitting a video where it was said that among other things:

"" "Maurizio Blondet, taking a trip Investigative search of the hidden sanctuaries of power esoteric and demonic, describing it in a disturbing essay, he writes that every year a group of leading bankers, financiers and friends gather around a tomb of a major bank (we refer to Enrico Cuccia - legendary father / owner of Mediobanca) , to attend a Mass in Latin. This bank was so important that, according to Blondet, its influence in Italian politics was the whole team in the sense of dissolution of any kind of faith and value. The said tomb is the place where the nun had been buried heretical Gugliemina Bohemia, regarded by his followers, even the female incarnation of Christ's body. Blondet also reveals that the elite bank would been linked to the heirs of some important representatives of the Young Turks, who with their revolt put an end to the Ottoman Empire. The Young Turks, in turn, were linked to the Masonic Lodge in Thessaloniki and were mostly Jews Marranos, tied to a particular sect derived from the heresy of Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. According to Zevi, the true faithful, was to throw himself headlong into evil, go all the way to the abyss, beyond the gates of impurity. According to Blondet, this heresy Sabbatian would still influential followers in a prestigious publishing house willing to editorial epochal battle against the threat of secular skeptic par excellence. Blondet continues telling Financiers of large, brilliant intellectual, philosophical and Bankers. A powerful world, made powerful that wander around dismal tombs, secret rituals and esoteric rituals. "

After watching the video, interviewing the guest conductor of the transmission in the study: Professor Cecilia Gatto Trocchi, which confirmed to make his argument as described in the movie. Professor, says she studied the esoteric and the occult, and have discovered a long-running (people) who have gone from esoteric Marxism, seeking to evoke the forces of evil, more powers of knowledge, wisdom and also to intervene in the world. Professor was said totally skeptical about the forces of evil, but were convinced, however, that Bankers, High Finance, etc., who came together and made pacts with the devil, and that everything arose from Freemasonry deviated.

I hit a lot of preparation Prof.Cecilia Gatto Trocchi, but above all I was impressed with how much force defended his rational skepticism.

So I did a search to see the book she had written and had a bitter surprise:

I found the news that Professor Cecilia Gatto Trocchi on 11/07/2005 had committed suicide by throwing himself 5th floor window. They wrote that the

Cecilia Gatto Trocchi was suffering from a severe depression because of the untimely death of his son, Massimiliano Gatto, died in June 2003 due to a fulminant leukemia immediately after getting out alive from a terrible car accident.

sincerely regrets for his death and that of his son, I could not help but notice a discrepancy in the dates: June 2003

dies the son of Professor Cecilia Gatto Trocchi;

02/27/2004 Professor was a guest in the TV "Enigma" on RAI 3, and there seems depressed at all, indeed, it is very quiet and combattiera;

11/07/2005 suicide of Professor (wrote: for depression following the death of her son) .


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