Friday, November 16, 2007

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Parliament also dealt with the problem "seigniorage."

12.06.2007 At the sitting of the House of Representatives:

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Meeting Agenda No.3 had to discuss the "seigniorage", but the President gave suffered "negative opinion";

The Honorable Teodoro Buontempo, asked to speak by saying could not expect that no, in speaking of the "seigniorage" and that there was a sort of hypocrisy and shame in not wanting to ever deal with this problem, as there was a fear, a fear. Even to discuss it. Yet he said that few knew that the judiciary had ordered the Bank of Italy to compensate citizens who had appealed against the "seigniorage." That was the news that remained secret and did not know .... Unfortunately

Hon. Buontempo could not go further because the President interrupted him by saying that had only one minute. After a little disappointed by the Hon. Buontempo who complained of having only a minute to talk about it, The President put to the vote the Order of the Day # 3, with the contrary opinion of the Government.

Result of vote: "The House rejects".


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