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Perhaps it is true that reality than fiction!

I published a book "InsidiĆ²sus Decurrere," the sci-fi plot, which is hypothetical hybrid experiments on the cloning of the human body, with tragic implications and end with the hope that scientists Instead of chasing these hypothetical experiments may in future develop a kind of vaccine that interferes with human feelings, eliminate those with malignant character.

I found out today, the occurrence of events leading to the hypothesis that something similar, though different in substance, could be in trials :

During a scientific research conducted to be followed in the said book, I came across within: "Chemtrails."

Intrigued, I studied and found here: that referred to the "chemtrails". Deadline as opposed to contrails of commercial aircraft, or, The white trails that leave the planes with their passage. These are a normal chemical and physical phenomena, presumably harmless to our health. The former, however, the chemtrails could hide secret and unlawful activity for purposes of war, military or otherwise, for the climate control and areas involved in acts of war and more. There seems to be a project called " Haarp", a research program created to study the properties of the ionosphere and advanced technologies applicable to radio communications in the field of defense , the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), coordinated by the Navy and the air itself and considered the core of the "Star Wars" launched under the Regan-Bush administrations in the 80s.

Among the various possible applications of "chemtrails" , I pause to highlight those that affect the trend discussed in my book and I found in the web page:

where among other things, specifies that

The long white trails other than contrails have started setting up the first suspect as to their nature as far back as 1998.

Following their massive presence in the sky, the inhabitants of a Canadian citizen, Espanola, began to suffer health problems such as lethargy, severe joint pains, memory loss short-term , Respiratory disorders, symptoms of depression or flu-like. Some people, seriously concerned about what was happening on their heads and their health, commissioned its own costs of laboratory testing on samples of water and snow of their homeland. Chemical analysis revealed the presence of amounts of particulate aluminum 20 times the recommended limit for drinking water.

Just the ' aluminum that binds mainly to DNA, is deposited particularly in the brain, where it causes damage to cell neurorale creating headaches and memory disorders.

In my book, dreaming, I hope that with surgery or vaccines, could be inter neurorali cells to change their feelings in order to eliminate those ill-natured.

In fact we find that perhaps, without any surgery or vaccine, we have come to act on the population, causing disturbances in memory (as in science fiction movies " Men in Black", where the service men special, with a fake pen, emitted a blinding light that caused the loss of memory of the person affected by the light).

However, Canadian residents who have stumbled on those events, does not seem to be characters in a fiction book, nor that they were making a movie ... ... ... ... ....


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