Monday, November 5, 2007

How Do You Catch A Shiny Eevee

Global Check?

There is a hypothesis that begins to drift around the world, which sees the existence of an overall, worldwide, implemented by a group of people who were placed on top of everything and everyone;

That this could be initiated through the advent of the privatization of major central banks around the world, with the assumption of control by a limited group of shareholders who, with the "seigniorage" perpetrated on all citizens, have made and continue to make huge enrichment;

How strong the power that flows into the money, have achieved economic control of the States and then also the Political / Judicial;

that wars, terrorism, famine, certain viruses, organized crime, intelligence services diverted, Lodges and Freemasonry secret, satanic cults, and whatever ' more, may have been born, or otherwise controlled by the same minds, and be used for your purposes ;

That to prevent anyone being able to perceive this reality, may have devised a mind-control on the population, including religions, UFO sightings and even satanic rites;

That having also reached the control of the media , do publish and broadcast news programs and that contribute in some way to divert the interest of the public on other issues;

that these "people" can manage through the control of Freemasonry secret locations around the world who descended in a pyramidal hierarchy, until you get to a lower level to treat the area locally

David Icke said he was convinced that wish to complete their design, microceppando entire population, to keep it under control. In fact, if we look good, this control already exists without microchips. A trivial example: all purchases and withdrawals with credit cards are registered, every supermarket has its own card and all purchases we make are registered (they can also know what toothpaste or toilet paper we consume and how many times we go to the bathroom) There are cameras everywhere and our presence is recorded every time you pass under it. Not to mention telephones, internet and satellites. And if one day all this contamination occurs in one computer? (Or maybe this is happening already!). For those with a clear conscience would contribute only a little discomfort, and may be fine for checking the legality and public order, but if these means were used for other purposes?

Speak and write these things to believe and say, you may go through visionary (and if it were true, it would risk something more!) it is best avoided for now subscribe to these schools of thought and ask you: What do you think?


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