Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Informator Miasta Lwowa 1900

Architectural barriers?

Architectural barriers are another problem, which is also the son of greed that we have within all of us.

With the advance of progress, we move further and further from our consciousness.

The thirst for success and that to improve our economic condition, leads us to reject any form of solidarity with others, to have fellowship and humanitarian principles and values \u200b\u200bto keep healthy. Our

sensitivity only when it comes to certain issues affect us personally or our loved ones or investing.

Among other things, does not help to improve, all advertising and television programs, which we are daily bombarded by the media.

Perhaps we should start from there, and we suffer from the messages we receive from all sides.

Maybe we should question the sociologists and psychologists tell us (it would be better to impose us) what messages to send and what not, to try to recover that which now seems lost consciousness.


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