Thursday, November 29, 2007

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The Secret (The Secret) - subliminal message?

I have seen and read the advertising you are doing the book and the movie "The Secret" (The Secret).

I have not read the book and I have not seen the movie, but reading many comments from people who have done it, I realized how many bisognevoli to believe in something, they are easily influenced.

Almost all excited. He was the secret of happiness, are said to have finally found something that changed his life: # reviews

me there is a doubt, that is behind the writing of the book, there is simply the use of self as a cue to write a work that, by the positive feedback in the short term, have a great momentum propaganda to market a good product. But, worse still, that a "subliminal message" hidden, there may be behind an operation to pursue a mental control of the population, now in exasperation, with the illusion that he had found the panacea in the secret of the book, forget the political and economic situation in which they live ....


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